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The Girl Within the Cage - Chapter 4

Title: The Girl Within the Cage / 籠女籠の中 / Kagome Kago no Naka
Chapter: 4 / -unknown-
Author: rendezvous22
Rating: R
Genre: Erotica, Angst
Warnings: Worksafe
Pairings: Kyo (Dir en grey) x Jamie (OFC –female–)
Summary: The first time they met, things were different; they were different. But a year has gone and passed since then and meeting Kyo now, Jamie just didn’t know how to face him.
Disclaimers: I do not own any members or associated staff members of Dir en grey. Any misinterpretations and ambiguities are at the fault of this author. I do own my original characters and imagination.
Author's Note: Let me know what you think! And as always, enjoy the story. Also, now that I have more time, I will try to release on a regular weekly/bi-weekly basis. No promises though!
Table of Contents: Ch01 / Ch02 / Ch03 / -Ch04-

( Chapter 4. Beginnings >> HERE @ MY JOURNAL )
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